Sightseeing Tour : Le Mont-Saint-Michel

From Rennes or Saint-malo

After a 1 hour drive from Rennes, we cross the emblematic road that leads to the Mount. In the shimmering of the tides and some viewpoints to admire it. The Mount appears like a fabulous mirage and we arrive in front of the Wonder. The sands, the herbs, the sheep, the sea and the sky share the horizon in front of this Unesco world heritage.

The salt meadows, by the diversity of the groups which compose them and the surface which they occupy twice a day, the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is transformed into a vast natural theater and offers you the spectacle of the strongest tides of Europe. After a visit of the abbey and a lunch with a magnificent view of the Mont-Saint-Michel, there will be no more secrets for you.

We are available for all proposals of itinerary and we also propose you to mix our various circuits in Brittany and Normandy.

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