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D Day 

From Caen, Cherbourg, Rennes, Paris, Nantes or Saint-malo

- Omaha beach: Called Omaha la sanglante by the Allies, it is one of the 5 landing beaches in 1944 assigned to American troops and stretching from Vierville-sur-Mer to Colleville-sur-Mer. It was the beach where the heaviest casualties of the day occurred.
- Musée mémorial d'Omaha beach: 200m from Omaha Beach, a deep dive into history, with a rich collection of authentic objects, weapons, uniforms, vehicles, period documents, superb archive photos, explanatory texts and thematic panels representing all phases of the occupation period up to D-Day.
- Sainte-mère eglise: This legendary parachuting site celebrates the parachuting of soldier John Steele from the church steeple of this small town during Operation Overlord.
- Airborne Museum: This museum will help you relive and understand the events of D-Day, from preparation in England to the conquest of freedom!
- The American Cemetery: A must-see to pay tribute to the 9387 soldiers who fell for their courage, overlooking Omaha beach.
- Les pointes du Hoc: one of the strongest points of the German fortifications on the coast, and one of the most impressive operations of the Allied landings. This strategic point on the Atlantic Wall was stormed on the morning of June 6 by Colonel Rudder's Rangers.


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